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Coelynn McIninch


Coelynn McIninch 

(kō-LIN MAK-in-inch)


"A magpie by nature, and science geek at heart."

The quick blurb: I am an artist and professional photographer living and working in Massachusetts. Much of my time is focused on the arts community in Fitchburg, MA where I try to create bridges between business, local government and Resident Creatives.  

I firmly believe in the power of the Arts to strengthen communities and transform public spaces.  My personal work is varied in medium and is inspired by imagination, perception and play.

Technical points: I earned my B.S. in Communications Media/Photography from Fitchburg State University in 2002, and my M.F.A in Visual Arts from Lesley University’s College of Art And Design (LUCAD)  (Boston) in 2009.  I currently work as the Photo/Media Specialist in the Communications Media Department at Fitchburg State University. My work is exhibited regionally and various galleries throughout the United states. 


Abbreviated me:  photographer, artist, and arts organizer, teacher, lecturer, painter, potter, synesthete, costumer, docent,  dancer, palm reader, photo lab manager, martial artist, student, caretaker, maker, wanderer, distracted by shiny objects.

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