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Coelynn McIninch


July 2018 

Artist in Residence - Digital Takeover

I am taking over the Twitter and Instagram feeds for BLAA (Boston LGBTQIA Artist Alliance.) The (@BosLGBTQIA_Arts) twitter feed features an image guessing game series called “Whatizit?”

The series as 93 close-up images of random objects and I encourage viewers to go beyond just guessing what something is and create inventive, quirky, and unique answers.  I have been doing this on Facebook for a while now but I am testing it out on Twitter. 

BLAA Instagram feed

( I am posting selections from a couple different image and video projects I have been creating for years but have rarely shown. One series is a collection of short videos featuring normally mundane actions captured from the world around me that, when highlighted, run the gamut between mesmerizing to just plain odd. The second series is a photo and narrative diptych series where I explore the possible histories of found objects.

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